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Interpret Blood Results

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I recently had an Anti-transglutamine test and the result was 25.33 Units. I've suffered intestinal issues as long as I can remember, sometimes worse than others. In the past I have experienced relief with a gluten-free diet but I never kept it up and always returned to eating gluten. Now I have these results and I'm not sure what the next step is. If it helps I can also put the results for some of the other common blood tests. These test were done in Brazil so some of the names might be in Portuguese, but their probably easily identifiable by the prefix.

Hemoglobin: 12.5

Hematocrit: 36%

VCM: 80.7

HCM: 28.0

CHCM: 34.7%

RDW: 12.6%

Leucocitos: 4.860

Linfocitos: 37% 1798

Bastonetes: 0% 0

Segmentados: 50% 2430

Eosinofilos: 2% 97

Basofilos: 0% 0

Monocitos: 11% 534

My fasting glucose was 85

My 2 hour post-lunch glucose was 90

I am a 28 year old female.


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What is the reference range for your TTg test?

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Yes, the reference ranges for all are helpful. Different labs can use slightly different tests.

You're not diabetic (glucose) and it looks like you are not anemic, but those reference ranges would be helpful to say for sure. Your red blood cells might be a bit small, which could indicate iron deficiency. If you have a ferritin measure, that's helpful for evaluating total body iron status. (You can be iron deficient prior to developing anemia.)

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