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  1. @cristiana, Hi! Thank you. This is helpful information. My Ttg has been low, but I did have a level of DGP recently...
  2. I had a colonoscopy long ago, when I was first diagnosed. Haven't had one since. I had antibody test for Crohn's...
  3. Yes, biopsies of the Duodenum, Esophagus & Stomach were all normal.
  4. I should also mention that a recent EGD was completely clear, no signs of any damage to esophagus, stomach or small intestine...
  5. 7 years later I still have this. Wondering if anyone else can relate to this or offer any advice? :)
  6. That's interesting, but I believe they are not looking at serum CD57 levels - they are looking at levels in intraepithelial...
  7. Does anyone have any information about CD57 NK cells in Celiac patients? I am trying to understand if my levels are...
  8. deezer

    Elevated Lipase Anyone

    What did you figure out with this? Does anyone else also experience this? I do.
  9. How many courses of antibiotics have you taken in your life? My theory is that a lot of Celiacs have had several,...
  10. Has anyone out there gone through with a Fecal / Stool Transplant that has Celiac disease? If so, what were the outcomes...
  11. I don't know off hand, but I would highly recommend getting a copy of Dr. Peter Green's book - Celiac Disease a Hidden...
  12. I have this upper left quadrant pain as well; this is the pain that caused me to get an endoscopy & colonoscopy ...
  13. Where do you get gluten-free Kefir grains?
  14. What about the facility where it is processed? Do they sample the product to ensure it is indeed Gluten Free?