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  1. If anyone has ever had elevated Lipase please reply and what did they say, I have had it off and on for years they say celiac disease can cause it, but the thought of Pancreatic Cancer scares me consantly.
  2. Have you ever been tested for elevated Lipase, I have that issue sometimes and everytime now (have it now Actually) I get checked and its my lipase, which is from the pancreas or leaking in the gut, it causes nausea, distension, tired also and gas. FOr some reason with celiac disease you can get elevated lipase, no one really knows why, but thats what i get.
  3. I think I was the origial person who inquired about this months ago, I was told I was having Pancreatis, However after months of being sick and having the same ranges as you with elevated lipse, once I found out I had Celiac Disease, and starte watching my diet, things went to normal. From my understanding Lipase is produced in a fw places and us with celiacs can have problems with our pancreas if we dont watch our diet, however ours is coming from Leakage in the GUT, its standard to happen but more in celiac disease so Its not too worry about, I did have a CT scan and ultra sound and all was normal but my lipase was up and down for months,
  4. Ok, First of all I would like to say hi to all coping with our special problem. i need some help on this. For the Second time after working out, actually over exerting myself and pulling some muscles, I experienced great pain in my arms, and after about 30 minutes of this my body went weak, my arms cramped up and I started passing out. I made it to the ER and My blood pressure was low, 98 over 47 , I am a male that weighs 174 and 5,9" They immediatley treid to give me fluids, however while trying to find a vein they gave me a few good brusies and hematoma and finally got the needle in. Within minutes of the bag of fluids I was feeling better and cramping was ending. the Doctor at the insta care said that he thinks I was dehydrated and that the stress and pulling of my muscles and pain caused a reaction to a nuero vagal , which in response to the pain caused this to happen, also he feels that with my diet I am not consuming enough calories with the diet. I think I drink enough water but maybe not?? I want to know if anyone has experienced this. I had it happen one other time when i was first triggered with the disease from Dry Heving and throwing up, and causing me to compress on my vagal, But all my life I have had many stressful events and didnt have to worry about this. I do only eat and lots of Chicken, Steak, Baked potatoe and salads and lots of fruit. Since being on the diet in December of 2006 I feel much better and eat like a champ,, clean with lots of fruit, I mean Pineapple, Blueberries, Rasberries, and Blackberries ,, Daily. But other than that lots of Protein more than anything. I am not taking vitamins, which i should i know that. Has anyone experianced this. David
  5. Thanks for the reply, It is all still confusing and I think I am handleing all of this pretty good. However I am going to the University to see what they think. My Current Doctor after sending him these results blew me off, he is an internal medicine doctor and yet he said " Your problem is difficult enough that I suggest you call the University and talk to there GI department" Then he said "GOOD LUCK AND HOPE YOU START FEELING BETTER" I have in fact accepted the results and Feeling better other than the weight loss, I know its from not eating enough cause as you all know how easy it used to be being able to stop and grab a bite to eat. David
  6. i NEED SOME RE-ASSURANCE PLEASE. I started my trigger symptoms on Nov 21st and since then I have lost almost 12 pounds. However I have been Gluten Free since Dec 1st. Is it possible that the diet alone is causing the weight loss. It scares the Hell out of me when I was 179 pounds 3 months ago and now I am 162 (in the morning of course heavier at night) Being a Male and 33 people say I lok Great but I am thinking a little to thin. ANY SUGGESTIONS AND WHAT TO EAT TO PUT ON SOME POUNDS? David
  7. Well, Make long story short but its long, about 3 months ago I woke up after eating a pizza and having a few beers with Nausea, dry heaving sweats etc. Next day went in to Doc and had blood work done all my tets were good other than my lipase was slighty elevated. My doctor told me it was mild pancreatitis and to slow down on the drinking (like I was some raging alcoholoic) So I did quit drinking my few beers here and there for 2 months. then One night I woke up after eating a big italian meal and and bread and felt the same way, next day went in and my lipase was slightly elevated again. this time there was more, I started having anxiety, Depression, Artrhitis type feelings in my body, Weird itching, dermatitis, tired, just felt like crap, Oh ya lots of Movements in the intestines, Gas sounds, like something was running in my belly and was trying to get out. Again my doctor said pancreas problems but couldnt say about the other but here is some wellbutrin and xxanax and lets do CAT SCAN to check, so I did that and an ultra sound, and everything was fine but elevated lipase. So he sent me to a GI at my request, and during the time of all this I didnt feel good at all, THE TRIGGER WAS ON, and my doctor thought I was crazy. So after feeling like crap for a while with no answers, I decided to look for myself I did not believe I was having Pancreas problems. I found a site on line for the Marlyand clinic and specialty where you pay a fee and ask some questions. So I did this and the doctor said to be checked for celiac disease. Which I asked my doctor and he did and they can back within normal range. So he said its your pancreas and to see the specialist. BOY I wasnt happy so I found this site and found that may of you tested with ENterolab. So I requested a test, I did it and the results are below. BUT before you look at these, I showed them to the GI Doctor and he said NOPE Its your pancreas, but lets watch it. TELL ME YOUR THOUGHTS! PS I AM gluten-free FOR ONE MONTH AND FEELING BETTER BUT still have slight GI problems A) Gluten Sensitivity Stool and Gene Panel Complete *Best test/best value Fecal Antigliadin IgA 30 (Normal Range <10 Units) Fecal Antitissue Transglutaminase IgA 16 Units (Normal Range <10 Units) Quantitative Microscopic Fecal Fat Score 443 Units (Normal Range <300 Units) Fecal anti-casein (cow
  8. I hear ya on the Water issue I used to drink maybe 2 gallons a day and then have a dry throat and night if I wasnt drinking water constantly. I have not been officially diagnosed, But gluen free for 1 month and Positve Enterolab Results. Now I have been gluten-free I have to remind myself to drink water, I drink maybe 4 bottles of water and a cup or 2 a night.
  9. Well, thats the confusing part, I have eaten there before and all is fine, However this was the first time I actually asked for there gluten-free menu, and salads were on there with dressing, but for someone reason I am not sure. They say there fries and Potato wedges are gluten-free, but I asked how they are cooked and where and they said in the same fryer as the wings and everything else? Makes you wonder how well they manage the stores. www.wingers.info David
  10. Well, I am still new to this and need to know if the Ranch Dressing at Wingers is Gluten free? I swear I looked at there list right and it was on there as Gluten free. However after eating there yesterday I have not felt right within 4 hours of eating, In fact I woke up for the first time in 2 weeks with Anxiety after being gluten-free for 3 weeks or so. Can someone tell me this! David
  11. Thank you for the reply, I really wonder sometimes, all the old syptoms I had were all related to this, How weird it all is. Especilly the weight loss over the past years, went from 195 to 175. David
  12. Hello, I am still new to celiac disease and wondering why I have noticed how little of water I have been drinking lateley since being on a gluten-free diet. 3 weeks ago before the diet I was drinking about 8-10 bottles of water at work and 80 ounces or so at night. Now I am drinking only maybe 2 bottles of water and a 32oz pepsi and 60 ounces of water at night. Does anyone know why?? Thanks David
  13. That is a catch 22 for sure, Have you ever tried cherry or prune juice? Good luck with the tests, and keep reading, the people here are good peeps! David That is a catch 22 for sure, Have you ever tried cherry or prune juice? Good luck with the tests, and keep reading, the people here are good peeps! David
  14. One thing that I was really concerned with until finding out about celiac disease was my pancreas, since my Doctor was so sure it was a mild case of Pancreatitis I was having, although I had no real pain and all my symptoms were in the GI tract and intestines and my Lipase was only elevated 150 points over normal which most people with pancreas problems have elevated Lipase and Amylase in the 1000s with lots of severe pain and discomfort. Second my Ct scans enhanced and ultrasounds were all normal with my whole abdomen area. after I paid a donantion to Harvard medical online I was able to send my results to a doctor for an online review for his assesment, and he is the one who mentioned celiac disease and to be checked for it, and also this link is something to think about also. http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/532429 David
  15. Ya, Endo not sure what to do on that, I dont want to go back to the feeling ill, Never had the diahrea, but the stomach thing and gas, and tired, Anxiety, pains in my legs, and tingling in the hands FOrGEt it, THEY CAN DO AN ENDO, FOR FUN FOR ALL i CARE TO MAKE SURE NOTHING ELSE IS THERE AND TO BE SURE OF NO ULCERS ETC. ALthough staying gluten-free is important because It is making me feel better. David
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