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gluten-free For 1 Yr...am I Now Absorbing Nutrients?

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I have been gluten-free for 1 year (and have never cheated...or at least, not on my part) and when I was first diagnosed they said as soon as I am gluten-free, my intestines will heal. I recently got a follow-up TTG number and it was 1.5 ( before it was >100). At this point, do my intestines absorb nutrients?

I never have really had symptoms, but I knew something wasj't right when I was unable to get pregnant and no matter what I ate, my stool was always the same consistency, color, as though I ate the same thing everyday and/or I was constipated. Because I never had diarreah, I just assumed that I was getting nutrients ( because it was not leaving my body).

I recently had my blood drawn and all my numbers came back fine e.g.iron and Vitamin D. I recently have experienced hair loss and thining of my hair. I had a baby 1 year ago and after lossing what I thought was the "normal" hair loss after childbirth, I found at 9 months, my hair's texture completely changed and became soooooooo thin (to the point where you can see my scalp). My daughter is now 11 month and I know that many women loose their hair, but I have not heard storied abot thinning hair or this much lose when their kid is 11 months. Just trying to figure out if it is hormonal or if I am not getting the proper nutrients.

Is there anything I can do to have "healthy" intestines with great absorbtion?

Any advice would be great!



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Have you had your thyroid checked? Hair loss is common with hypothryoid.

Otherwise, if your vitamin levels are all normal, your intestines are probably healed. Probiotics are always good, along with Lglutamine supplements.



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