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It's A Fresh Start!

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Hi all

First, I want to thank everybody, I've read the forum a lot these past weeks and it helped, big time!

Then, just my story short: after 2 years of undiagnosed GI symptoms (among others) I finally went to see a doc and suggested gluten may have something to do with it...

To my surprise, he was very attentive and said "yes of course, we'll test you for that, that could be it". While waiting for the blood results, he suggested me to go gluten free.

I saw him back this morning, turns out the blood test is negative. So he told me I am not celiac but I most certainly have "gluten sensitivity" (as I responded very, very well to the diet)

So in the end, I am quite happy -think you all know the feeling, I wasn't hyponchodriac after all etc etc...and I feel very lucky that after 2 weeks being gluten free, I already feel soooooo much better (not perfect, but the improvement is huge)

The only thing is, I realize now they only tested the TTG, IgA. These showed up very low (they are at 1, when normal range is 0-19)so they didn't bother looking at anything else; and I think I understood they should have checked total IgA as well, to see if I was deficient, which may explain the low result? ...

Anyway, I guess I would have felt more confident coming out/ explaining it to everybody around me, if I had had a positive blood test (I am flying back home in a couple of days and I'd like my family to get me seriously, and get tested!)

So in the end, I feel both angry (now it is not a trial anymore, it's for real -no "real" bread & pasta...anymore) and relieved that I know how to get better + the doc didn't insist to label me IBS, in the end!

Again, thanks for the advice I got from my reading of the forum, and I am very interested in any advice for my "coming out" -especially my mother who was diagnosed with both IBS and Fibromyalgia...and I am afraid that if my family get tested, they will be negative too, and won't bother trying the gluten-free diet (I am french, and bread/ beer/ pasta are important to us!)...I just wouldn't want them to not take it seriously, and discover too late that gluten might be a problem for them.



Gluten Free -2weeks ;)

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