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18 Month Blood Draw

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I posted this question a few days ago in the post diagnosis section. I was hoping you knowlegable folks could help me out.

I'm headed in for my annual physical next week. I'm 18 months on the diet and wondering:

A) What tests are the appropriate follow up Celiac tests? Do I need the whole panel drawn if my numbers were dropping the last 2 times I had the full panel.

Should I expect normal numbers by this point?

C) If I still don't feel "normal" any other blood tests that I might want to request?

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A Celiac panel can determine if you are successful with the diet. Some patients udergo another scoping during this check up. (This is for you and your doctor to decide.)

If you still aren't feeling well, your symptoms should guide the further tests.

I would suggest that you have your vitamin and nurtient levels checked. Request a copy of the results. Some of the "normal ranges" a sooo wide you should know if you are 17 points away from falling out of range when it is 300 point variance. (Like my vitamin B12 level.) :)

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