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Thank Goodness For Small Miracles!

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We were frequent patrons of a little pub/eatery called the Irish Democrat, especially for lunch. However, when Fang was diagnosed with celiac, we thought going to the ID was a thing of the past. We were so frequent that when one of the servers saw us, she knew to get Fang his iced tea with lots of Sweet & Low, and me my diet soft drink.

I tried calling one of the managers, but he seemed clueless, so we were heart-broken.

Fang is a 4th degree black belt in Taekowndo and assists in teaching at a school here in Marion, Iowa. Lo and behold, one night, that waitress walks in with her son! She recognized Fang and asked him why she had not seen us in a while. He told her why, and she said, "We get a lot of people with celiac disease. I work tomorrow, come in, ask to sit in my section, and I'll show you what we have that you can eat."

The next day, he enjoyed a yellowfin tuna sandwich (with no bread) and potato chips. She showed us lots of menu items that we can craft to make gluten-free. And, they make a serious effort to avoid cross-contamination as much as possible.

Fang didn't react afterwards, so we can add the Irish Democrat in Cedar Rapids, Iowa back to our list of "approved" restaurants.

Hey, I'll take a minor miracle anytime!

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