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Chopped (Bravo T.v.)

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Anyone one see the Chopped from last night?

I was very excited to see a celiac chef in the competition. The basket that she had to work with was all naturally gluten-free products. (Frog legs, anchovies, bourbon, & dates) The 1st step she made was to bread frog legs in REGULAR FLOUR! Now, I understand that this is a cooking show but, she used tapioca to "bread" her anchovies so, that was available. One of the other contestants sauted her frog legs & another breaded in corn meal. So, she did have other options available and did not need to use the flour.

I was so dissapointed!! I know that Chopped, with it's chosen basket items, would be difficult for a gluten-free chef but, this was a simple basket. She seemed like a knowledgable chef. I'm sure she could have advanced by staying true to herself and other celiac's.

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yes! exactly! soooo disappointed because i got all excited when i first heard she had celiac. darn.

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