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Wendy's - gluten-free In South Lyon, Mi

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I had heard Wendy's used dedicated fryers and would prepare your food gluten-free.

We went in and talked to the manager. She said yes everything is prepared separate, they change gloves, no buns on the grill, etc...

Been three times and zero issues, the manager always suggested coming into the store, do not use the drive through and in most stores you can watch as the cook changes gloves when a food allergy ticket comes through and only handles your food until it is bagged.

Good for if your in a hurry. Everytime we've been in we tell the casher and watch the person who is getting our fries and the preparing the burger change gloves and not touch anything else until they bag our food.

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Great! Everyone should take the time to explore their local eatery. Know you peeps, be kind and helpful and they will help you out. (but don't go during high volume times )

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