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A Great Day At Disney

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Today, I went to a luncheon at the Disneyland Hotel. With 983 other people. I had heard that Disney was great with food issues, but had not tried yet. I called one week in advance and asked if they could accomodate me.

Absolutely they said! I started to give her the details and she very nicely said "No Maam, all you need to do is to notify your server upon arrival."

So, when I got there today, 2 minutes before the start, as she was serving salad dressing I told my server " I need a gluten free meal.' She thanked me, said she was on it, and before I knew it my salad was gone. I looked at her quizzically, and she said "this salad and dressing are not safe." In less than two minutes, in a ballroom with almost 1000 other diners, she brought me a beautiful arugula salad with vinegar and oil that everyone at my table envied.

The entree was a lovely frenched chicken quarter with au jus, baby carrots, pattypan squash, roasted potatoes and asparagus.

Everyone else got a crisp of some sort with creme anglais. I got the most beautiful dish of raspberry sorbet with blackberries and a GIANT plate of fresh fruits: blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, watermelon and honeydew. It was a stunning layout. And everyone was jealous. And all I said was "I need a gluten free meal." One time. And I got served with everyone else. And I didn't get sick.

This was a good day ;) I highly recommend Disney. It's like 3 blocks from my office. I am sure to return soon!

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