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M&m's Debate Revisited

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I suspect M&Ms. Now before every person on this forum tells me I must be crazy and have some other food intolerance instead, I'd like to comment that this was clearly a gluten-related reaction. No other foods cause me to react in this particular succession of symptoms. I had been tolerating lactose and sulfites just fine for a few weeks, in fact, both of which are often a problem post-glutening. I do know that large amounts of soy cause some D for me, but it has not caused DH, fatigue, etc. like gluten.

I have seen a couple posts here and there about people who have also suspected cc'ed M&Ms in the past. Anyone else??

The only other possible culprits are: McCormick garlic powder (doubtful, but it wasn't the Gourmet line...), or Sutter Home wine that I drank a glass of last week with no ill effects. I did eat some Mrs. Leeper's beef lasagna flavor pasta last weekend. (Anyone want two boxes of it? I'm not a huge mush fan... or tips for making it non-mushy)

Thanks for your comments!!

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You are not crazy, I was cc'd by M&M's too. (but, I didn't have the guts to post it) I have had them many times in the past 2 yrs. with no problem but, last week-the reaction was yucky & a definate glutening.

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