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Struggling With Coming To Terms With How Stupid I've Been

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We all go though that. Hind sight is 20/20. I beat myself up for a while also. but Now I try to look at the bright side. Although my Child did suffer because of my illness we were able to figure out what was making her sick at 21 rather then waiting till she was 44 and had lost her thyroid and gallbladder. Hopefully she can avoid the goiter that I had and she will certainly loose the chance to be diagnosed a hypochondriac. Due to my illness she will avoid 24 years of wondering what is the matter with her. Since she lived with me she knows first had what this illness can do and its not just some words of warning from a doctor.

I could have not known any sooner. I did go off wheat once for a few weeks but did not realize that I was taking medication that contained wheat.

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The fact that diagnosing someone with celiac does not yield in the prescribing of any medicine, since the only way to manage the disease is by diet.

Meaning no pharmaceutical companies benefit from this, and don't doctors/practices benefit from partnerships with pharmaceutical companies?

Thus...doctors may be reluctant to diagnose celiac, and chose something like IBS instead (like with me...b/c then he prescribed zelenorm)...because then you can prescribe something which may result in compensation.

If that's true, that's terrible. Let's hope it's not. I never thought of it that way before, though.

Sadly, I think you've hit the nail squarely on the head. :(

I'm not saying that every dr. out there is in bed with the drug co.'s---many are certainly not, and indeed are even whistle-blowers---but enough are that these lies about how drugs are the answer are being perpetuated.

Just the other day I was reading about how the new "wonder drug" supposedly designed to prevent cervical cancer and is being given to young girls right and left, is killing them. I forgot how many deaths already in this country, but quite a few, and it's been proven that it was the drug. Still, the manufacturer (of course) and the FDA insists it's "safe" and continues to push it via willing medical accomplices. The article was contrasting this disgusting behavior with what happened in India, after four young women died from being given this "wonderdrug" (and they did establish that it was indeed, the drug), the country stopped all vaccinations, basically labeling it what it is---a killer drug.

I do not trust them, Sam I am. :ph34r:

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