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Can Dairy Cause Hidden Damage?

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My Enterolab test was positive for Celiac but negative for casein intolerance (my results here). However, I know that I have a reaction to dairy products: mostly bloating and maybe some numbness, eyelid twitching, and thirst. I get this even with low-lactose dairy products, so I suspect it's caused by casein.

I'm trying to decide whether it's safe to incorporate some dairy into my diet. The immediate side effects don't bother me that much, but I am concerned that the casein could be causing hidden/permanent damage. I know that gluten can cause permanent damage without immediately obvious symptoms; does the same generally apply for dairy?



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I had to give up diary because of bloating, acne, puffy eyes and digestive problems. I'm pretty sure my problem is with casein, but in general dairy products can be inflammatory. It's interesting though, in their raw form (before pasteurization and before we injected cows with hormones and let them eat pesticide-laden corn) they are anti-inflammatory. Dr. Mercola on mercola.com has some great articles that may interest you.

As for it causing damage like gluten - I don't think so. However, anything that causes an immune response will slowly harm your health and may lead to other autoimmune disorders.

My advice to you is to eliminate it for several months and then add it back in to see how you feel. Also, read the articles I mentioned above. You may be able to handle raw dairy, if that's something that interests you. For me, I'll never consume it again. I enjoy my clear face, clear sinuses and flat stomach. :)

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