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I'm Looking For A Good Doctor. Help.

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Hi again!

Did anybody had a same problems as me - pancreatic insufficiency?

My blood work and other tests are confusing. My two gastroenterologists and one regular doctor told me that they don't know what is wrong with me because the blood work for the celiac disease came back negative. They told me that I should eat gluten again, and try to eat fat and sugar( I didn't have nothing with sugar for three months). My stomach can't process them. I'm always sick after any smallest amount of fat(pain on the left side of upper abdomen, weakness, dizziness, desire to lie or sit down because I feel that any second I will faint)

Do I need to take any enzymes for that?

Can somebody recommend a very good gastroenterologist in New Jersey who knows how to take care a patient with celiac disease?

Thank you.

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