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How To Lose Weight

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Hi everyone,

I am overweight and aside from losing the "bloat" and stomach misery associated with GI, I am not losing weight yet. Perhaps I'm still healing at this point. Does anyone have any suggestions?

A little background info: I was belittled and called "overweight because I ate too much" by several doctors during my search for my hidden illness and, of course, misdiagnosed several times including being told by one doctor that I was headed for Type 1 diabetes if I didn't quit eating the wrong foods!!? I was not eating in an "unhealthy" manner and understood calorie counts. What I couldn't understand was the incredible pain and strange illnesses I went through. It wasn't until I went to a community clinic and from there sent to a nutritionist for evaluation for gluten intolerance that I discovered what was truly making me ill. Since that wonderful day of realization, I have changed greatly as a person and now understand my body much more than I did before. Now when "glutenized" I can even tell the difference between (the monster) malt powder and slight cross-contamination. I steer clear of restaurants now, do almost completely organic food and bake my own bread.

I was recently tested for D3 deficiency and found that I was a 20: 30 is baseline health and 50 is optimum - so I'm really diligent about "changing my oil" every day. I find that now I am rarely hungry (I used to be constantly ravenous in the past), am alert and am now catching up on a lot of things that I did not have the mental clarity or energy to deal with when I was sick. Since staying as gluten free as possible (and, of course, learning from my mistakes) for over a year now, I'm finally really feeling good. I've been taking gluten-free B vitamins, wellness formula, and using Omega-3 fish oil with vitamin D3. I can't stop taking my 3 tablespoons of fish oil a day. B)

Thanks guys!

Diagnosed as gluten-intolerant by Doctor and Nutritionist via an elimination diet in June, 2008. Am gluten free and organic as much as possible! Refuse to undergo stomach biopsy process. Highly allergic/intolerant to MALT, MSG, maltodextrin, nitrates/nitrites. Currently identifying previously hidden allergies to shellfish and skin products containing gluten or cereal derivatives. 14-yo son is also gluten free and organic! LONG history with doctors and multiple misdiagnoses...

I become very emotional when I dwell on all the "life" I've missed due to years of gluten-induced illness, but I'm healthier and happier every day now - for which I am truly, truly grateful.

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