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Gluten Free Kitchen Or Not?

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Guest taweavmo3

That is so true about people offering my little girl food. Alot of people don't understand what foods contain wheat, even the seemingly obvious ones like goldfish and cheerios. It's frustrating, but I guess at one point I was probably as blissfully ignorant about what was in our food too.

My mother in law was over today and commented on how healthy the kids were eating now.....made me actually kind of like this gluten free diet after all.

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One nice thing about our children eating gluten-free is that we shouldn't have to worry about them being obese, which is a big problem now a days.

Todd and Sarah:

Parents to Chase

- diagnosed at 18 months

- positive blood test and endoscopy

- gluten-free since Feb. 2005 with awesome

results !!

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Guest Zmom

I bought a seperate set of pans/silverware/dishes for my son (and now me too.)I also bought a seperate forman grill. We have 2 gluten-free shelves in the food "closet' for food/pans and a seperate shelf for dishes in the cubbard. The first few months I bought gluten pasta for my husband but it proved too stressful as the gluten water from the pasta would splash when drained and give me a nutty. No bread in the house either.

Now we just have the gluten-free pasta and the old pans go mostly unused. Linens and things has a great set of pans and a cheap $9.99 set of cooking utensils.

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