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Untyped Vinegar In Mayo Packets

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So I've been gluten free for about seven years and have lots of other food issues. I need Mayo packets to carry with me on an upcoming trip, but I messed up and ordered Kraft "Fat Free" Mayo packets instead of Kraft "REAL" Mayo packets, and there is not enough time to fix it.

So the packs I've got seem to make me sick, and everyone in the world seems to have switched to cheap corn-syrup based mayo substitute. Heck, my cat won't even lick the FF Mayo packets! So anyway, "everyone is the world" is not totally hyperbole, I've been into 17 different restaurants, bars, and gas stations that I've never been in in YEARS, asking each one "do you have mayo packets?" "can I see one?" No one had the Kraft brand, so I haven't forked over the gobs of money I was ready to, in order to score a few handfuls for my trip.

There are however two possibilities, and I'd like to hear from anybody who is highly sensitive, knows what's in these, or has a reaction (like I do) to wheat derived vinegar.

The first is Subway light mayo, packaged by Subway. This looks like the best stuff, but I don't want to play russian roulette to find out if the vinegar is wheat, mixed, or whatever.

The second is Heinz, found at a 7/11. It has corn syrup, but it looks more like it might be mayo, however the vinegar is listed as "White Distilled Vinegar" and I don't know what that means.

Anyone with inside info, please let me know!

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If a label has just vinegar on the label it is apple cider vinegar. Heinz uses non gluten distilled vinegar in most of the products I have checked but you should try contacting them to be on the safe side.

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The single word ingredient "vinegar" is apple cider vinegar. If you are in the US, then wheat as the source would have to be clearly disclosed either in the ingredient list, or in a "contains" statement adjacent to the ingredients.

White distilled vinegar is safe. Although it can be from a source other than apples, it is usually so labeled to distinguish it from cider or wine vinegar (both of which are also gluten-free).

Kraft have a policy that they will always clearly disclose any gluten source. If you don't see wheat, rye, barley or oats mentioned by name, then the Kraft product is gluten-free. It doesn't sound like gluten is the problem, although there could well be something else in the fat-free Kraft mayo that you are having a problem with.


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