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Looking For A Doctor Who Cares In Ab Or Sk Canada

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Hi all!

I am looking for a doctor who takes time to listen and has experience with Celiac patients. I am at a loss of how to start feeling better after 10+ yrs of suffering. Here is a bit of my story;

I am 22 and at the age of 12 I developed severe stomach problems -- after much testing and frustration they decided it was lactose intolerance. I stopped all dairy. After not feeling better they diagnosed me with IBS and I was told there is nothing they could do for me basically go home and try to figure out my trigger foods. I never did start feeling better so I started getting passed around different physicians and Gastro's none really caring to help all that much. Started getting depressed. Took myself off gluten. Finally found a doc who cared enough to order a scope but it came back neg for celiac as I was not eating gluten. I got a parasite from swimming in a river, then got C Diff from antibiotics. (what a great summer that was). Started eating gluten again and was formally diagnosed with celiac. Since then I have been extremely strict and growing up my family was great with it (2 aunts have celiac so we all knew what it was about). I go through extremely bad phases still where somedays I will get so sick I have to be hospitalized for a week due to severe dehydration. I never know if it is from the celiac or IBS. I have had 4 gastroscopy's, 2 colonoscopy's, 1 endoscopy, 2 CT scans, an MRI, a radio active white blood cell scan, 2 ultrasounds, barium x-rays, and thousands of blood tests. I have seen the best doctor at the U of A Dr. Fedorak and he called me his mystery patient and left it at that. I have seen holistic healers nutritionists etc. If anyone can help please please do so! I am sick and tired of being sick. Thankfully my boyfriend of 5 years has supported me through everything and almost gone gluten-free himself lol!

I am SO sorry for the long post!!

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