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Chocolate Chip Cookies

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I finally made homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I have been reading a lot about the flours and other people's attempts at baking for 5 months but have not attempted to bake my own cookies.

Until today.

They came out great. I mean GREAT!

I used the Toll House Recipe on the back of the chocolate chips.

I used 4 cups of almond flour.

That is it!!

I wouldn't change a thing!

I bought my almond flour from Nuts Online and it is just beautiful.

As a matter of fact, everything I got from them is great!

I recommend Nuts Online as they have Certified Gluten Free Products.

I also recommend my Chocolate Chip Cookies!!

Thanks for listening! :D

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did you double the recipe or use 4 cups of Almond in replace of the original recipe ?

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No I didn't double the recipe.

4 cups is almost twice the amount of the regular flour called for.

The first time I put 3 cups in. Baked a couple of cookies...they spread too thin.

So I added the fourth cup and they were perfect.

I think almond flour must be lighter so it takes more.

They sure were good y'all!

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