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Iron And Ferritin Levels

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Was wondering if any of you could tell me if this is par for the course.

Before my son went on the gluten free diet his levels were as followed:

iron = 169 (high)

ferritin = 14 (low)

After going on gluten free diet (5 months later)

iron = 139 (still high but better)

ferritin = 19 (still low but better)

I'm assuming all this means he's getting plenty of iron in his diet, just not absorbing it the correct way.

He isn't on an iron supplement, but is on methyl b-12 injections every other day. Wonder if anyone had any natural tips for improving these levels.

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I had similar results prior to my celiac diagnosis and for quite a while afterwards. However, my ferritin level never even reached 10. As a result, I asked for intravenous iron infusions, which were given to me once a week for three weeks. After that time, when my ferritin dropped below normal, I would get the same series of infusions. I felt better immediately each time, and after two years, I was finally able to absorb iron naturally.

By the way, before I heard about the infusions, I tried to bypass the small intestine by pulverizing iron tablets and placing them under my tongue for immediate absorption. That worked....but my teeth turned black after the third time I did it, because my decalcified enamel sucked up the iron. Over time, my front teeth ended up just slightly gray, but I try to warn people whenever I can that this solution is a bad one. Just FYI.

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I've had a hard time finding anything on the internet with high iron levels but low ferritin levels. Did you ever get an explanation for that?

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