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I've been seriously considering (I know, what am I waiting for :P ) the need for my oldest son to be gluten free (allergist already thinks he needs to be) and was wanting to do the proper testing. He is still consuming a regular diet. He had blood work done several times now.

11/4/08 (celiac panel was ordered but lab only did the ttg)

total IgA =54--ref range 33-200

ttg =2--ref >19 positive


gliadin IgA =4--ref range 20 and up postivive

gliadin igG =1--ref range same as above

ttg igA =4--ref range >19 pos


serum iron = 79--ref range 60-150

iron saturation = 19-- ref range 20-55

TIBC =413--ref range 250-400

vitamin D =42 normal low >=20

ferritin =34.6 ref range 24-336

12/23/10 (the newest test dpg? was requested on orders and don't think the lab did the correct one)

gliadin IgA =4--ref range 20 and up postivive

gliadin IgG =1--ref range same as above

ttg IgA =5--ref range >19 positive

Currently he is not having any GI issues and hasen't for a long while. The only complaint I have is that he grows so slow. He hasn't grown a shoe size in almost a year. His NP at the peds office ordered a thyroid panel to be done and we still have to get it drawn. He hasn't had his iron checked in a year, but according to his recent CBC at his 10 yr check up his hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal. I also noticed that at age 3 he was in the 50th percentile for height/weight and at age 4 he droped to the 20th percentile and has stayed there since. He did have bowel issues up until he was 4 years old with constipation. He took miralax for almost two years. I was wanting to consult with a gi based on his past history of gi issues and to see if they would scope him. I'm really thinking they wouldn't since he is and has not had any gi symptoms in a long time and all of his blood work is negative. He does have environmental allergies which he takes shots for. His allergist is great and tells me he probably has an intolerence and we could test him all day and it not may or may not show up. I'm willing to put him on it to try, but I agreed to pursue further testing for my husband. We didn't consult with a gi before placing my youngest son(probably could've got the scope on him since he had a positive ttg) on the diet and now he doesn't want to make the same "mistake" with the oldest. So, based on this does anyone think a gi would scope him? Also, if we don't get anywhere with a gi or decide that it is not worth going, then I'm going to have my husband go to his next allergist appointment and have him talk to my husband about his thoughts on why he thinks my oldest needs to be gluten free and go from there.

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Since you have had a positive diagnosis and one child who also needs to be gluten free it wouldn't be a bad idea to see if a GI would biopsy. If they won't then your thoughts about taking you DH to the next allergist visit to have him hear from a doctor that your son would likely benefit from the dietary trial are good ones. If you see a spike in his growth that would be a good thing as after he gets into his late teen years it may be too late for him to catch up to where he should be.

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I curious how I would differentiate a spike in growth due to being gluten free or just a normal growth spurt.

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