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Diagnosis Help Please

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Hi all,

Have been visiting this site for a few weeks now and it has been very helpful and you all seem lovely.

Anyway my wife has had her blood tests done and we would like a little clarification / advice if possible. for the best part of 30 years (or should that be worst part?) she has had troubles on and off with her gut and prolonged periods of tiredness which we have repeatedly put down to various bugs, overwork etc..

A couple of years ago after a random conversation with a colleague she went gluten free although not strictly. After several months she had some blood tests and it came back tTG IgG 28U/ml. She was not diagnosed with Celiac but the doctor recommended going to a gastro specialist for further tests. We didn't for a number of reasons and the diet got less and less strict till it went.

We recently decided to re-investigate the gluten thing but a bit more thoroughly this time and she has now been to the gastro guy and had some tests done. These are the results:

Anti-Saccharomyces cerevisiae antibodies

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imho... her ttg is for sure positive which i would assume and self diagnose her as celiac or AT THE VERY LEAST Gluten Intolerant.

her EMA was negative- but the EMA test is a very difficult one- has to be done by a skilled technician, and they can easily fudge it.

its of course up to you two- how to proceed with your doctor, if you really need the biopsy, etc.. but i think its obvious she has a problem with gluten. maybe she should just go on the diet... good luck.. i know its complicated

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Thanks for the info and opinions.

We figured the ttg was positive enough to need the diet. But I did not know the EmA could be done badly but I guess it probably does not matter.

However, any ideas on the ASCA test would be appreciated. What is it testing? What is normal and what does a result of 11 U/ml indicate?

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