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i have always had stomach problems. with long bouts of constipation then alternating with the other. i thought it was a problem with milk so i cut that out. but i still have problems!! and over the last couple months, i've been feeling very tired, foggy headed, anxious, a sort of tightness in my chest, and nausea and all this on top of the stomach issues! i craved bread and cereals but i'd feel so full and bloated when i ate too much. and when i had pizza i'd get super thirsty, like i couldn't get enough water. a friend of mine told me i may have a gluten intolerance. i just don't know! but i also read that a lot of you guys just got a run around from the doctors so i hate to go that route and be out a lot of time and money. does this seem like it's gluten related? i also worry that gluten may affect my son. he has frequent stomach aches and he has soft spots on a couple teeth. help!

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Hi,and welcome.

Certainly sounds like you could have a problem with gluten. Try eliminating it for a week and see what happens (and I mean all of it, meaning you have to read the labels). If you feel better, you can go back on it after a week and it shouldn't affect testing much although your symptoms may be worse. Your son could also have inherited this from you, with dental enamel being a common celiac symptom, along with his stomach aches.

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