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Hello Everyone, Gluten Free-3 Years

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I've been gluten free for about 3 years now. I had severe digestive issues for over 20 years, mainly diahreaha (sp?), had NUMEROUS colonoscopy's with no results, always a diag of irritable bowel with no reason why. I lived on immodium for the whole time, kept it in my purse, took it regularly. Finally, I went to a doctor who did an upper GI, and he discovered significant damage in my small instestine that was consistent with celiac disease. I brought the pics from the endo home, goes from bright pink pics, to black, the interior of my intestines is so damaged, it went from a healthy pink to a not healthy black. At this point, I was given a bone scan, yep, I have osteopenia, beginning of ostesperosis....at 40! I'm slim, have never been considered overweight, and I'm in the beginning stages of osteoperosis because of this intolerance to gluten! That hit me harder than the gluten sensitivity news...this has actually caused long term damage!

So, I'm gluten free and trying to get the word out. How many other people are out there like me, continuing to eat their turkey sandwich for lunch, thinking they are eating healthhy, only to be damaging their health? I've started contributing articles to Yahoo! Contriubtor Network, a few of them are on gluten intolerance. Please check out my articles


, and I'm not visititng here just to promote my content....in EVERY ONE of my articles on eating gluten free, I put a link to celiac.com, I feel this is a site we all need so much and gives us all a WEALTH of information! I'm just trying to get the word out to others who may be sufferin and not realize if they cut gluten out of their diet, they may find relief! I'm just trying to help spread the word!

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