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A Little Ventilation

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I'm ready to snap. I had my colonoscopy which I'm glad I did and had one benign polyp. I have been on Lexapro now since December due to Anxiety which isn't totally gone. My brain fog is horrible now, I can't concentrate at work which is driving me nuts, thank god I work for family and no one believes me that I feel bad. Everyone chalks it up to me being overweight, which I can't lose because it just doesn't come off and now the Lexapro is making me not care about it much.

You would think after being on levothyroxine for my Thyroid and Lexapro for my anxiety I would be feeling decent, dont' get me wrong there is a little bit of a noticeable difference but I still don't feel like myself at all. I hope my Celiac blood test turns something up.

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I hope you can get those tests over with soon and get back off gluten! I know I'm preaching to the choir, but I HATE the idea that weight loss should be the primary health goal. Sure, sometimes it's unhealthy for people have a high BMI, but plenty of people are overweight due to underlying issues, and plenty of people are in bad health not because of their size, but because of the metabolic damage done by weight cycling in attempts to control it. It's far more healthy to focus instead on taking the steps necessary to enjoy life!

I thought you might appreciate these sites:



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