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Scarborough Renaissance Festival

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I have been searching all over the internet for an answer to the most important question I can think of!! What is gluten free at Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie Texas? Has anyone been there? I emailed and called the general manager but seeing as they don't work except for weekends I'm pretty sure it will be a long wait for a response. Since I'm also 6 months pregnant I would like to know if some of their protein dishes are gluten free like turkey legs, grilled chicken, rogue sandwich meat, or anything else!!

Obviously since I've been wheat free since 2005 I know the basics.

Thanks for your help in advance!

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I have attended many Ren Faires and truthfully I don't eat there. Everything is questionable and even the turkey leg guy at in my area refuses to answer the "gluten question" on his food. So I pack a bar, apple and get bottled water. :) Oh, and I eat before I go. Have fun!

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I ate the turkey leg at our renaissance festival (and I am pretty sure it is the same company that just goes from area to area) and never got sick. My mom ordered the frys at the same stand and it looked like they had some sort of non gluten free coating on them and she almost immediately got a headache so I would definitely stay away from the fries.

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Wow they really did get back to me fast! I'm sure that some things on the list could be cross contaminated (like the french fries) but of course that is up to me to find out there.

Just in case anyone else is looking for information on this and can't find it via the web here is what they sent to me:

Gluten Free menu offerings

Beef or chicken fajitas corn tortilla (without flour tortilla)

Nachos (Corn tortilla) Plain, beef or chicken

Baked potato, plain or sweet potato

Turkey legs

Sausage on a stick

Chicken on a stick

Beef Ribs

Stir fry with rice Beef, chicken or veggie

Etouffee over steamed rice (available on request)

Red beans and rice

Steak on a stake

French fries

Twisted potato (plain with salt and pepper)

Roasted Corn on the cob

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit and cheese tray without bread (Cat and Fiddle)


Daily Fresh Salads and Soups

Shepherds pie

Chicken salad sandwich (on bed of lettuce-without bread)

Calypso turkey salad

Most daily specials in restaurant are gluten free (check with waitstaff)


We no longer carry gluten free beer

We do offer wines and Mead by the glass

Please let me know in you have any questions

Gary Rockwood

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