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  1. Salax

    Dominos Gluten Free Pizza

    Chebe pizza crust, best I have had yet (I have other intolerance, so this crust has nothing in it that hurts me and its good!) Plus if you go to their website, they have even more recipes with their mixes and they are cheap! Well, compared...
  2. Corn & Rice - Colitis flares up, horrible intestinal pain, esp. in the morning. back and front Cow's milk products - Horrible stomach pain, D, cramping, sick to my stomach Large quantities of non-organic tomato (like a sauce or chili...
  3. Just my humble opinion and I hope maybe this might resonate with you Deekle... Many doctors (traditional doctors) if they can't give you a prescription drug to fix your symptoms, its like they stumble around lost muttering IBS....(Yup...
  4. Could be rice intolorance. I have just discovered that I am rice intolerant...ugh. Looks like grain free/paleo for life. Hey, at least I can eat french fries.
  5. I feed my cats Wellness. Best website for cat owners: http://catinfo.org/ (has some food options and alot of other really good information - healed my cats diabetes from the information on this site. She was 2 years old and very ill...
  6. Salax

    Am I Being Selfish And Inconsiderate?

     And that is the key to a successful relationship. He does sound amazing btw. It's hard enough for random people to be kind when your explaining your diagnosis, or even family or long term friends or some spouses (so I have heard of...
  7. "I find your lack of faith.....in my gluten free diet, disturbing." -done with the best emperor voice possible (lol)

    1. LauraTX


      This cracked me up! LOL

    2. KCG91


      I keep seeing this when I log on to this site, then whenever someone raises their eyebrows at me for asking if something is gluten-free I hear it in my mind...:D

  8. Salax

    Corn Sensitivity

    The corn pain! I love it w8in4dave! It's so true thought. Hurts like the devil. It's so hard to be corn intolerant.
  9. I've never seen (at least recently, since they have declared "gluten free") a non-gluten free box of fruity pebbles?? That would be concerning for consumers. That’s like Chex making a non-gluten free rice Chex version. I don't see that h...
  10. I didn't know there was a gene either but this guy is saying there is. Gluten Sensitivity Gene Test HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 1 0301 HLA-DQB1 Molecular analysis, Allele 2 0602 Serologic equivalent: HLA-DQ 3,1 (Subtype 7...
  11. For anyone out there, who has experienced this…I have a random question that I have searched for and can’t seem to find the answer too. I know with Celiac disease there are folks that are silent Celiac’s. Are there silent non-celia...
  12. I agree 100%. Well said I think generally its all about perpective and how we perseve our illness will also be how we handle it emotionally.
  13. Salax

    Amount Of Gluten In Single, Small Bread Crumb?

    Enterolab is much cheaper for the gene test. I think it was $178 I paid for the test and the shipping total. Still though it's a great piece of mind to have if there is doubt. I would recommend to anyone who had doubts or wants confirmation...
  14. Salax

    Trialed Those Muffins

    Lucky duck! LOL I can't handle anything with corn except a medication (pill size) with corn as a binder, otherwise, the pain cometh. I hope you figure it out
  15. I have. I would google it, but I could swear there were studies done on gluten and dairy withdraw. Both act like opioids in the brain. I did find articles online, so check it out.