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  1. Could be rice intolorance. I have just discovered that I am rice intolerant...ugh. Looks like grain free/paleo for life. Hey, at least I can eat french fries.
  2.  And that is the key to a successful relationship. He does sound amazing btw. It's hard enough for random people to be kind when your explaining your diagnosis, or even family or long term friends or some spouses (so I have heard of on the forums)..so for a boyfirend to be that awesome..big...
  3. "I find your lack of faith.....in my gluten free diet, disturbing." -done with the best emperor voice possible (lol)

    1. LauraTX


      This cracked me up! LOL

    2. KCG91


      I keep seeing this when I log on to this site, then whenever someone raises their eyebrows at me for asking if something is gluten-free I hear it in my mind...:D

  4. Food sucks...LOL no really, having to constantly think about my next meal or how to create something I am craving is exhausting. :D

  5. Salax

    I Cheated

    Next time, try to make your own chicken. Use King Aurthers Gluten free flour mix seasoned with your own added choice of seasonings (I use onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, cayenne, salt and pepper)  Soak the chicken in milk or egg or a combo (I use egg, but some folks say milk) and then...
  6. I too have had reactions to the cin gluten-free chex. And I have eliminated milk and eaten them plain and I still have an issue. But not a normal glutening type issue so I think it must be something else in that box.
  7. AliB, Can you explain how you eat/what you eat on a daily basis? I really think that your diet would work for me greatly! Any advice would be awesome! I too am an overweight Celiac, but I wasn't always, only about the last 7 years. And I still feel like my body needs a different plan of eating...
  8. Since we are on the topic of Starbucks....Does anyone get light headed or dizzy from any of their drinks? Everytime I get a decaf white chocolate mocha with soy milk, I get the dizzies and light headed. I stopped drinking regular coffee as it gave me the D, but no dizzies or light headed with the...
  9. Let us not forget that many makeups are extremely toxic (regardless of gluten) and the skin being a major organ has our livers flitering out the crap and junk we put on our skin. Personally, I use Larenim http://www.larenim.com/ Besides being gluten free, it also lacks the other chemicals that are...
  10. I also have KP. I have noticed since going gluten-free that it's slowly going away.
  11. To my knowledge the caramel and mocha fraps are safe. I would ask to read the labels on the mixes. Or call them.
  12. Woot! There's always something else out there that can replace something that we can't eat. Positive thinking is a great thing to have! Also, regarding startbucks your right the website sucks for allergen information. I always ask at my local starbucks and they let me read the labels to check...
  13. Your gut is right. This one contains gluten as does the one with the chips in it. I did ask about the strawberry one, if it was modified from the vanilla bean and it is NOT. They each have their own mixure. So just avoid the vanilla bean and the one with the chips.
  14. Interesting dilemma. There are people that are so sensitive to gluten that breathing it in causes issues. I here it
  15. I have hot/cold issues as well. In doing more research and talking with my doc, he claims that mine is linked to my Hashimoto's Disease (Thyroid). Since, the thyroid actually is the regulator of body temp, if it doesn't work properly it can cause random cold or heat spells. Mine is usually cold,...