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Going 2 Dr On 28Th

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I jst had a hysterectomy & during my pre-op appts I complained abt my stomach issues. Dr said we could discuss @ post op check up & determine if I hv ulcer. Was out w friends, 1 of whom has celiac disease, complaining abt headaches, fatigue, stomach, etc. When celiac disease friend suggested it was celiacs. So I tried gluten-free diet 4 a few days now & felt better, especially my stomach. Until this moring when I woke up w nausea, headache, groggy head (only way I can think 2 explain it.) Looked ovr food log & am sure nothing ha d gluten. Could body be releasing stored gluten as I burn fat? I have been activly trying 2 lose weight. Guess I am hoping for non gluten issue b4 I even talk 2 dr!

Anyone else felt glutened when not? Does the toxic release theory make sense to any1?



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Welcome to the board.

Two things come to mind:

If you have damage to the villi caused by celiac disease, it will take some time to heal. During the healing process, you may experience reactions to almost any food, even food that is gluten-free.

Some people experience withdrawal symptoms when gluten is removed from the diet.

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If you are gluten-free when you see your doctor (even for a short time!) all the tests (blood, endoscopy, etc.) could be inaccurate. If you think you want to be tested, you need to resume a normal diet (full of gluten) right now.

You can also skip the testing and just do what makes you feel better . . .


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