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Dad's Getting Tested!

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So almost a year after I went gluten free, my dad's finally getting blood tests done for celiac disease! I've been trying to persuade him for ages now, highlighting the fact that it's hereditary and even if he doesn't have stomach problems he still could have the disease. His symptoms are mainly fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, so he's not too convinced it could be an issue for him. He's also quite underweight (Like his dad in turn) in spite of eating normally... Our family considers this the "family gene" that makes us all thin, I'm going to let everyone know if this test comes back positive, it's the family curse!

What happened was he got sick last week with a stomach bug. When he went to the doctor today, he mentioned how his daughter is gluten intolerant, and asked if he should be tested. Doctor immediately said "Yes, definitely! You're so thin!"

Ok, minor stereotypes aside about all celiac sufferers being thin, I'm so glad that he's finally getting tested. I just hope it comes back conclusive, and doesn't hit a false negative like my tests. He's in his 60s and I think has been "suffering" from this a while, so chances are it might be positive. If it does come back negative, going to try push him to get a scope done - I'm sure damage should be evident on his intestine?

Will let you guys know about the results when they get back!

Feb 2010 - Start of continuous GIT problems and panic attacks

July 2010 - Blood and biopsy -ve, went gluten free after testing which completely relieved symptoms

July 2011 - 1 year gluten free, food intolerances (Chicken, eggs, olives, goat milk) gone!

2012 - Soy no longer a problem


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