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Dh Diagnosis Question

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Since finding out that I have celiac, a family member has been wondering if a rash on her scalp is DH (blood test negative for celiac). I have a few questions:

1. Is it possible that DH presents only in one area of the body (scalp) but nowhere else?

2. Can DH come and go?

3. If someone suspects DH, what steps should they take to get a diagnosis?

Thank you again.

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I just have it on my scalp. That's the only place it has shown up. I've had it for the last 20 years and nothing would make it go away until I went gluten free and then I changed my shampoo and changed from iodine salt to sea salt. I was gluten free for almost 2 months when it slowly started going away then 2 weeks after I changed my shampoo it was gone. So, I would say a total of 3 months to go away after having it for 20+ years.

It comes back if I get seriously glutened. You find a dermatologist who specializes in Celiac. Then the dermatologist wil biopsy NEXT to the lesion, not the lesion itself. I hope this helps.

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