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Ambiguous Test Results And Dr. Says Gluten Intolerance Isn't Really A Thing?

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Hello and welcome to the board.

This information is posted on the American Celiac Disease Alliance website:


If a patient's celiac panel is only positive for antigliadin IgG, this is not highly suggestive for CELIAC DISEASE if the patient has a normal total IgA level, corrected for age.

Your immunoglobulin A (total serum IgA) is within the normal range which decreases the significance of the positive IgG result. There are a couple of celiac tests they did not run, which are fairly specific for celiac - the EMA and the DGP. You can be negative on some and positive on others. However, you still have the endoscopy test to be performed which will either confirm or trump the blood tests. Make sure that the doctor takes at least six biopsy samples because the damage in the small intestine is easy to miss.

Certainly your symptoms are suggestive of celiac or gluten intolerance which, unlike your doctor's dismissal, often produces the same symptoms as celiac disease, and requires an equally strict gluten free diet in line with your own feelings. And no, I'm sorry, you do have to be just as concerned about cross-contamination. Firstly, there are many false negatives in both the blood testing and the biopsies. Secondly, you may not yet have done enough damage to your body to test positive since you have only had symptoms for a few months. Third, they really don't know enough about non-celiac gluten intolerance yet for you to take that risk. They are really only just starting to research the subject. It used to be that you were told if you tested negative for celiac that you could go forth and eat all the gluten you wanted. Some doctors do still tell you that. Others will tell you to try the diet anyway because it may well cure all your symptoms. And that is, after all, the goal of this testing process, to get rid of the symptoms.

Good luck with your endoscopy next week and do keep us informed. :)

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Thanks, mushroom. This is helpful. I will post again when I find out the results of the endo. Here's hoping I don't end up with more ambiguity!

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I don't know if it is different for children, but my son (6) tested negative on all the IgA tests, but positive on the IgG (including TTG IgG, which maybe you didn't have?). He has adequate total IgA.

I was the opposite. Negative on all IgG tests, but positive on the IgA.

He had a positive biopsy, mine was negative. We are both gluten free now and feeling much better.


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