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Taylor Darby Coben

Totally New To Casein-Free!

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I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease in April of 2010. I have been totally gluten-free since then. However, I was still experiencing symptoms of being "glutinated" after eating certain foods that were gluten-free. I also noticed continued weight gain with no change in diet or exercise, similar to the weight gain before going off of gluten. So, at the advice of my GP, I took another look at my "Highly Reactive IgG" list. Turn's out Casein was the other thing I was majorly intolerant to. So today is the second day that I have eliminated Casein from my diet, but I haven't gotten many results. If it's anything like gluten, I know it can take a while. Just hoping for some advice for certain foods, or restaurants, or snacks, etc. Any advice at all would be great! Thank you. (I am also Vegetarian and only 14, if that helps!)

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