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  1. You should try taking generic ibuprofen because it isn't coated at all. I've never gotten sick from either... the generic form or Advil. Maybe it's coincidental that you are getting sick... also, sounds strange, but if you may actually be making yourself sick. I don't want to say that it's all in your head, because I don't know you and that would be rude, but don't think about getting sick from them next time you take it and see what happens... the generic form though. (:
  2. My periods are super off! Ever since I got them, they have never been regular. I keep a "log" of how many days in between, and it ranges from 23 to 32. Super strange. I don't know if it has to do with Celiac's or just because we are young so our periods aren't regular. Talk to your mom and see what her's were like, that should give you a pretty good idea of what your's will be like. Genetics play a big role in a lot of these things.
  3. For me it can be anywhere from 2 hours until late the next day. I get D and my abdomen becomes distended and bloated. I feel tired/weak, and nauseous. Before I was gluten-free I had difficulty sleeping, and when I eat gluten I have a terrible time sleeping that night or the next; I wake up every hour, and am super tired the next day!
  4. Keep stirring constantly (: not much else to do
  5. I was diagnosed with Celiac's disease in April of 2010. I have been totally gluten-free since then. However, I was still experiencing symptoms of being "glutinated" after eating certain foods that were gluten-free. I also noticed continued weight gain with no change in diet or exercise, similar to the weight gain before going off of gluten. So, at the advice of my GP, I took another look at my "Highly Reactive IgG" list. Turn's out Casein was the other thing I was majorly intolerant to. So today is the second day that I have eliminated Casein from my diet, but I haven't gotten many results. If it's anything like gluten, I know it can take a while. Just hoping for some advice for certain foods, or restaurants, or snacks, etc. Any advice at all would be great! Thank you. (I am also Vegetarian and only 14, if that helps!)
  6. Hi! I'm 14 and was also diagnosed when I was 13. Yes and no to your question. You don't technically develop it, because you are born with the gene. However, it can wait to become "active" so to speak. This is generally caused by a traumatic event or illness. Mine was caused by mono. I did have it all of my life, as everyone does, but you don't necessarily know about it all of your life, and it doesn't always cause symptoms all of your life. I get bloated, stomach cramps, and tired when I get glutinated. I know one other girl my age with Celiacs. We can always talk on here, people are generally helpful!
  7. Hi Sarah! No... you're not alone. Yes gluten is hidden everywhere! Sauces, bars, juice, toothpaste, medicine, chips, and then the obvious, cookies, cake, pasta... etc. As for eating at school, come on! You gotta eat! You need to pack a lunch... I know it takes extra time, but you need to. Make a gluten-free sandwich, or take dinner leftovers. Be creative! Make a salad or take something else thats gluten-free. Also, there is a lot of "real food" that is gluten-free. So many things are naturally gluten-free, and when you see "real food" that's not... odds are it's processed, packaged and not "real." Visit a store such as Whole Foods. They have great gluten-free options. But now even Safeway and Frys have a gluten-free section. However, I find that gluten-free options are best a Whole Foods. They carry bread, pasta, cake, cupcakes, donuts, muffins, bagels... almost everything you can imagine. Regarding your five events, you need to pack food before and bring it with. Or make sure they are serving something you can eat. And generally you don't need to cause a scene in restaurants. Most staff now understand gluten-free or have a kitchen staff who does. As always, if you don't want to cause a scene, just stick with something safe like a salad. I always make sure to simply order last with the waiter next to me so I'm not screaming across the table. I don't explain everything to death, just have them ask if there's any wheat in the food. You can always get a Celiac Awarness sheet online, or call ahead. It makes things so much easier. I have experienced something like jealousy. It's easier for them to get whatever, but I know that it will make me sick, so it evens out. Just make sure to pack your food and you will be fine. Tell them what happens if you eat it... tell them to look it up. They will be better than you think. I know it seems impossible, but it gets easier. Been doing it for a year this week! Good Luck (:
  8. I was diagnosed when I was in 8th grade and I missed a bunch of days until I was diagnosed. I had so many appts and hospital visits, I couldn't count! But so far, I have only missed one day this year because I ate gluten accidentally. But honestly, Celiac's shouldn't make you miss days of school unless you eat gluten, and 75 is a lot for Celiac's. I would check with your doctor, because for 75 days, something else is so ovbiously going on. If you keep the diet and watch for hidden gluten, you shouldn't miss any days. It won't "flare up" unless you eat gluten! Check with the doc... good luck (:
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