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Blood Test For Breastfed 4 Month Old?

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I just found out last week I have celiac and my 4mo baby has not been gaining weight well so we are getting him tested for celiac - we know the test is not reliable at this age but he's getting other blood work done anyhow so we figured we may as well include this test too and if we get a positive we know that and if we get a negative we know it means nothing!

My question is, should i be eating gluten for the test to have a chance of being accurate? I've been off it about a week (not really noticing any difference - just less bloated). I know if *I* was getting the test for myself I'd need to be eating it, but what about for him? The whole reasoning behind celiac possibly being an issue for him is that he is getting gluten via my breast milk. And if I need to be eating it, would eating some tonight and tomorrow morning before the test be enough (we were planning on getting test done tomorrow morning but it could wait a day or two)?

Thanks! I'll think I'll cross post this in the diagnosis section too - hope that's OK!

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