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I Think I Can Really Rule Out Celiacs.....

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Hi guys

I posted a while back about various tests I had and I just got hold of my serology. I am having trouble interpreting it. I am in Switzerland so I think there measurements and units are slightly different:

Immunglobulin - A 0.70 - 3.70 g/l result = 1.2

Anti-Gliadin (IgA) - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.9

Anti-Gliadin (IgG) - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.9

t - Transglutaminase IgA - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.1

So all my results are negative right?

It is so confusing!!! Am I supposed to have very low or very high immungloblin-A? All my numbers are very low, I presume that is good? I have no idea, thanks for your help.

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False negatives are not uncommon on blood tests or biopsies. If you are done with testing then go on a strict trial of the diet and see if it helps your issues.

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