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  1. Hi guys I posted a while back about various tests I had and I just got hold of my serology. I am having trouble interpreting it. I am in Switzerland so I think there measurements and units are slightly different: Immunglobulin - A 0.70 - 3.70 g/l result = 1.2 Anti-Gliadin (IgA) - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.9 Anti-Gliadin (IgG) - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.9 t - Transglutaminase IgA - < 7.0 U/ml result = 0.1 So all my results are negative right? It is so confusing!!! Am I supposed to have very low or very high immungloblin-A? All my numbers are very low, I presume that is good? I have no idea, thanks for your help.
  2. Hi guys Just to give you an update, after 24 hrs of extreme stomach pain and diarrhea I am now starting to feel better. I would advise anyone with a sensitive stomach to ask for advice about barium contrast solution before agreeing to drink it. I was going to the toilet so much that I began to bleed, I also had a bad taste in my mouth and very sore throat. My doctor thinks it was an allergic type reaction. He said normally people dont have such bad diarrhea, I find that really hard to believe! Anyway, he now thinks that maybe I am histamine intolerant and is trying me on some tablets. He also gave me the blood test for celiac so I can now start to cut out gluten again to see if there is a difference. I am going to try and keep you updated even if it turns out that Gluten is not my problem. Hopefully this will help others who have similar problems. This forum is truly supportive, thanks.
  3. Dont get me wrong, moviprep is not nice, but its easier to get rid of, it just flows out like water! What happened with the allergist?
  4. I don't know I didn't ask since I am eating Gluten at the moment. Honestly I would rather drink two litres of Moviprep which I had for my colonoscopy than drink that stuff again. Maybe I am just sensitive. Got an appointment with an allergist on Tuesday, not giving up (yet).
  5. I will never agree to drink that stuff again!! My stomach is going crazy, all night it has been growling loudly with painful spasms and watery diarrhea. Now its lots and lots of gas that is painful to pass. I hope this ends soon. I am worried about the bleeding but I am sure it is just from a cut or something form all the irritation. I have felt bad now for 17 hrs!! But I think it may be calming down gradually. A word of advice if you have a sensitive stomach, don't drink that awful contrast solution!! I am so annoyed that they didn't warn me!
  6. I don't know I'm just going to eat safe foods probably. Did you have any other side effects from the dye or solution? I was shaking a lot on the table and my legs are still shaky now. It was quite bad, I couldn't control it. They feel kind of numb and tingly . I'm a bit scared to be honest, I didn't expect to feel bad afterwards. I also feel nauseous. They sent me home so they can't be worried!
  7. Just back from ct scan and reacting very badly to solution! Watery diarrhoea non stop! I asked to lady before if it would make me sick and she said no!!! Well I Barely made it home! I am also bleeding but I think maybe that is just from a hemoriod. I really hope so!!! They did tell me that there are no signs of inflammatory bowel so thats at least something good!!
  8. Hi thanks for your replys a1956chill, what did they see on your ct scan? Apparently I have to drink something which I am a bit nervous about! My big problem at the moment is that although the doctors did the biopsy they never did the blood test so I am eating gluten again in order to get that blood test done. They didn't do it because I told them I had already had it 6 years ago. Which is true (if i remember rightly) but I would like to have it again just to be sure. A lot can change in 6 years right? Anyway now that I am eating gluten again it seems that I do feel a lot worse! So I really need to get this blood test done so that I can stop gluten again. I have an appointment with another GI tomorrow and my usual GI doctor on Tuesday so lets hope that one of them will agree to do the blood test so that I can stop gluten asap. I also have an appointment with an allergist next Tuesday so lets hope between those three doctors that they find something! I can not tell you how exhausted I am !!! I wonder if there are any more procedures that I will have to go through?! This forum is very supportive and useful, I am very grateful to you all, thanks!
  9. Ok, update on me. I now have to have a ct scan (tomorrow) but Im not really sure why. They still dont think it is celiacs. He said if it was celiacs I would have malabsorption which I apparently dont due to my recent blood tests. Is this true? All I know is that I started to feel normal without gluten and now I am eating it again I am really sick :-(
  10. Ok now I just saw that I have a low level of lymphocytes in my blood test and nobody told me this! I am always sick, catching colds and viruses about once a month and now with this information I am getting really worried. I am so sick of diagnosing myself when there is obviously something wrong.
  11. Hello me AGAIN! I decided to get a copy of my results form my gastroscopy and it says: diagnosis: microscopic, impressive atrophy of duodenal mucosa YET THEY TELL ME I DO NOT HAVE CELIAC!! How is that possible?! I am so confused!
  12. Thanks for your encouragement nuttmegs. I was also wondering what is the difference between Celiac and Non Celiac Gluten intolerance? Is NCGI also damaging to the intestines etc? Is NCGI just Celiacs that is not officially diagnosed through biopsy?
  13. Hi there I just thought I should let you know that my biopsy and claprotectin stool test both showed signs of inflammation. In the stomach, duodenum and intestines. But my biopsy was negative. It sounds like inflammation can be caused buy celiac and I still think I have problems with Gluten. I have been gluen free for about 3 or 4 weeks now and am slightly better. I would really like a diagnosis though.
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