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Negative Blood Test, But Have Regular Celiac Symptoms?

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Well first i want to say it is 2am in the morning so if typed as if i was drunk, please excuse me=)

Hello, I recently visit my doctor and asked her for a Celiac test...and well it came back negative=(

But i am still having some weird celiac-ish symptoms. Most of my symptoms i have been having for over a two years.

My symptoms include :

**Very upset stomach- I even wake up every morning with a miserable stomach.

**Rashes - I get a rash around my mouth especially when i consume gluten containing oatmeal.

I also have a rash on both of my arms.



**Sever bloating & gassy stomach - I am bloated every single day!

**Lactose Intolerant

**Cramps - especially after eating pasta

**Very Fatigue - I am tired all the time, and the bloating doesnt help


**Lost of menstrual

***Im not underweight but i am overweight, and i am currently loosing some of the weight.

And most recently(for the past 3 weeks) i cut out most starches(beside starchy veggies, potatoes, rice, and certain wheat bread). But i have now started to re-incorporate the breads & pastas back into my diet, and since then my legs and butt area have been feeling sore! Like as if i had fallen on my butt a few thousand times or someone kicked me in that area!

I really want to know have anyone you had the sore butt feeling?? I am really concerned about that.

Also, Should i go on a gluten free diet? Should i get more test done?

Please help!

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I'm sorry your feeling so lousy, i don't know the sore butt feeling but general achiness yes! My mum has been celiac most her life but has only just got a dignosis, at 43! Shes had countless blood tests for celiac that all came back negative so when i got diagnosed she opted to have the biopsy, painless! And it came back positive! So ask for a biopsy and see nothing to lose! I hoep you find success or a doctor who will try every test until they realise whats wrong. I had to change doctors 5 times before i found mine who got me diagnoses within two visits. Good luck!

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False negatives are not uncommon with both the blood test and biopsy. You do need to be eating gluten for the best chance of an accurate test for both. After you are done with all the testing you choose to do then do a very strict trial of the diet no matter what the results. It is best to go with whole unprocessed food when you are doing the trial and also drop dairy at the same time.

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I am in the same boat. I tested negative for Celiac disease, but I have many of the symptoms. To top it off, my mother suffers from Celiac (she tested positive), so I think that the chances that my problems are caused by something else are unlikely. My mother is coming out next weekend for two weeks, so I am just going to try the gluten free diet while she is here and for a couple of weeks after and see if I improve. I haven't been able to get the doctors to take seriously that this is what is giving me the problems. Thus, I am going to try the diet (which from what I understand is the best diagnosis anyway). Good luck figuring out what is wrong with you. I hope we all get some answers and relief from our symptoms. :)

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