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I just want to share this with you:

I have anniversary today. It

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Congratulations!!!!! I'm right there with you, I'll be a year in 6 days.

And I have the same problem with casein and soy. I'm sure I could find a great gluten free thin pizza crust, but with no cheese???, I admit I haven't even tried. Believe it or not, if I could wish for one food item to be added to my diet without problem, it would be mozzarella cheese. One day, if I am able to tolerate one cup of it each week, I'll be in heaven. This coming from an ex donut/sub sandwich junkie who was the poster child for yo yo dieting!!!!!

But you are right! Managing to stay gluten free is a wonderful feeling. And I admit that the alternative of going back to feeling like poo makes it a no brainer. Prior to this, I never, ever stuck to any "diet" when the goal was just to lose weight. It's not always easy but I finally consistently feel that I am in charge of my health.

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