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Aldi's Meats

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I have two questions...does anyone know if Aldi's "Parkview" Hardwood Smoked Polska Kielbasa is gluten free? It says "no msg/no fillers and no artificial flavors or colors. It does list "natural flavors" in the ingredients. It has been listed here as gluten free several years ago, but I gave up trying to find the manufacturer of this item their customer service number. It is cheaper than the Giant Eagle gluten free polish kielbasa.

Also, Aldi's fresh meats and such often list "enhanced with up to 12% solution" on the product. Are those safe for Celiacs or not? I always envisioned the solution to be some kind of broth that may contain gluten, I dunno.

Information or opinions? Thanks in advance!

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If it doesn't say wheat or barley it's almost certainly gluten-free.


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