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Sweet Basil Vs Spicy Globe Basil

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My husband came home with two basil plants for me this afternoon and after I got caught up in smelling how wonderful the fresh basil smelled I began thinking and I am almost embarrassed to have to ask this since I find basil to be such a comforting scent, but what is the difference (mostly taste wise) between sweet basil and spicy globe basil? I usually use basil in my homemade sauce and in caprese salad or bruschetta, but that has always been the sweet variety.

Also what else do you use basil in? Garlic, rosemary and basil are so calming and relaxing (like lavender is to some) and I use the combination together often so I am wondering what others pair basil with.

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I love basil! I'm dairy free but still make pesto in a mini food processer or M&P with olive oil and safe nuts. It's great as a marinade for anything you grill or as a condiment for meats and shellfish.

I have both varieties too. Spicy globe basil is more peppery in flavor. It's nice in homemade broth and chicken soup. Enjoy!

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I love basil and grow lots of it for:

- pizza

- basil jelly

- fried basil leaves for lemon-based desserts

- pesto, of course (including a lovely red pesto)

- chiffonade on watermelon with feta cheese and mint

- garlic basil butter

- place under chicken skin with other fresh herbs and butter when roasting

- Caprese salad (already mentioned)

- salmon and basil en papillote

- stirred into risotto at the very last moment

- lemon and basil granita

- basil panna cotta

- basil aioli

- steep in balsamic vinegar

- make blueberry basil vinegar

- basil lemonade

- several vinaigrettes

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