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Gluten-Free Restaurants In Mi?

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I've had Celiacs for close to four years, been diagnosed for about six or seven months, and it's so frustrating to try and eat out. I wouldn't do it all, but my boyfriend absolutely loves the social part of it. So I try. I've tried Mongolian BBQ and Olive Garden and haven't gotten sick from either of those, but I haven't been able to find anything else close to the Grand Blanc area of Michigan.

Anybody happen to know of some good gluten-free restaurants I could try eating at?

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My wife has a gluten issue so I know how difficult eating out can be. We live a little closer to the Detroit metro area, so we have a few more options. But it looks like if you're willing to travel a little bit, there are a few more options available to you:


Also, this probably doesn't qualify as "eating out", but I believe the Cottage Inn Pizza at the Grand Blanc location offers gluten-free pizza as an option.

A lot of the restaurant chains are starting to offer gluten-free menus/options: Red Robin, Outback, Chilis, Carrabas, Olive Garden, Ruby Tuesday's, etc.

Finally, it's generally been my experience that if you go to a nicer restaurant (what most would categorize as "fine dining"), the chef there will in all likelihood be familiar with preparing dishes that are gluten free and will be happy to prepare something for you, even if they don't specifically offer gluten-free options on the menu. Obviously this is not true everywhere but I've found it to be the case in most instances.

Hope this helps a little.

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