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What are some ideas for school lunches? My 4yr old will be going to preschool in the middle of august. I am just trying to figure out what some good things to send her with to eat.

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If you search this kids forum there are many other posts about lunch that will give you some ideas:


My daughter doesn't eat sandwiches (never has even before we found out about celiac) so I pack her a hot entree in a heavy duty thermos (like the ones a construction worker would use that really keeps things hot until lunch) - some things she likes are pad thai, ravioli (Conte gluten-free), pasta, soup, stuffed shells, chicken nuggets, chili, etc. Some fruit and a treat. I usually bake cookies on the weekend and freeze them and a drink like a juice box. I used to kind of panic and pack her way too much food, but she settled me down to the three things. entree, fruit, and cookie.

I find it is easier not to worry about her finding a microwave to warm things up since she is in middle school and has a rather short lunch already.

I also always put in a few wet ones so she can wipe her hands or the table if necessary and a paper towel or two to use. I put the finger foods in tin foil so she can take them out of the thermos and use that as a sort of plate.

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thanks for the info.

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