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I have found some things that I can eat that do not bother me. Gluten is in almost everything! All the special flours and recipe ideas sound like a lot of work to me. I like simple when it comes to the kitchen. I am a 37 yr old who is down to about 97 lbs 5'3 and cant seam to put the weight back on. I feel like I am slowly dying. I am not sure if its gluten, soy, dairy. I just know that when I get rid of those things I feel much better.

My symptoms are tummy and back pain. The physical therapist says my muscles just tighten up. Couldnt figure it out BUT since I have gotten rid of the gluten to the best of my knowledge the muscles have stopped tightening. I dont sleep with aheating pad every night and the bladder is even better.

Help me enlarge my food choices. I obviously am not that creative. With the bladder disease and then this I am limited in every way. I have 2 children and want to live again, just seams so far out of reach.

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I am trying a whole foods diet consisting of fish, lean meat (white mostly but occasionally red), vegetables, fruit, nuts and in my case low fat dairy (as as far as I know I am ok with dairy produce for the time being). Most whole foods as long as they are not whole grains should be gluten free. I also get most of my starches from sweetcorn (unless you have a corn sensitivity which I don't as far as I'm aware), potatoes and rice. Foods like rice with a source of protein should help with weight gain if that is what you are aiming for. Oily fish can also provide the body with essential fatty acids and healthful fats as well.

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