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Swollen Tongue. How Long Last?

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I got a facial on Friday, and one of the tools she was using accidentally slid into my mouth. The tool had gotten some of the cosmetic products she was using on me onto it. My tongue swelled some. It looks like a holly leaf but not that extreme - the sides look like there are bumps placed at regular intervals. I think the bumps are where my tongue should be, and the indented parts are where the tongue has drawn in or swollen or something. (So the bumps are not blisters or raised areas. They're where the shape of my tongue has changed.)

Anyway, so now it's Monday. I'm wondering how long my tongue might be like this? I've never had an allergic reaction like this, so this is new for me. My allergist is out of the office this week, so I have an appointment next week to figure out which of the million ingredients in the facial toners/lotions/etc could have caused this! I did take half an Allegra the first night. Then a Benadryl the second night. Allegra makes my mouth dry, and Benadryl makes me very hungover until lunch the next day, so I haven't taken them again.

At least the lightheadedness and fatigue are gone!!! (had those the first two days)

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