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Anybody With Hemroid Experience? (Sorry)

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I have been gluten free for over 10 weeks now & never could have imagined I could feel so great. Tonight however I am doubled over with a stomach ache like the ones I used to get. I really don't see any way I could have gotten glutened. I need to go but I've been sitting on the pot & I feel like my hemroids are so bad they won't let me go... I've read that isn't possible but I swear it's true. I feel so discouraged I can't stand it. Like maybe I really don't have celiac & it's just another wrong diagnosis? Cause I swear I haven't gotten glutened but I havent had pain like this since before going Gluten-Free. Can hemroids really make your stomach hurt this bad & you not be able to poo? Sorry.

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It sounds more to me like you may have been glutened or you may have another intolerance. Soy is a big problem for me, gluten gives me D but soy binds me and aggravates what hemmies I have left. I had bad hemmies before diagnosis but by my over 50 colonoscopy they, as well as my diverticuli, had disappeared. Hopefully the same will happen for you but it takes time.

Be sure you have taken the precautions at home that you need to gluten wise. New toaster for gluten-free bread, new strainers and wooden utensils, checking all meds and supplements for gluten etc and eating mostly fresh unprocessed naturally gluten free food.

Make sure you are getting enough fiber in your diet with fruits and veggies but if you have been a rather low fiber person prediagnosis increase the amount slowly.

I hope your feeling better soon.

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