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Anyone Have High Calcium- Lab Work?

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Just wondering if anyone has had a high calcium level in their blood tests? Before I realized it was glutens giveing me issues and still on glutens my blood calcium was high. My parathyroid was tested and scanned, tests normal. The parathyroid regulates calcium to the body and seritonin to the brain and if the gland is diseased (most non-cancerous) the calcium levels with fluctuate from high to normal high while meantime it robs the calcium from the bones. I had a bone scan, there was a loss. However, the longer I stayed on the gluten-free diet, my calcium went back into a normal level and has stayed there. Docs cannot connect it to Celiac or gluten intolerance so I was just curious if anyone had the same happen to them?

High calcium levels made me extrememly hormonal, not not fun. I honestly felt I was going into menopause. All that was tested and because I take an oral contraceptive I was told by GYN I would not be able to feel the affects of menopause when it does happen.

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Wow, somebody else writing this..... my kidneys were very busy harvesting that calcium out of the blood, and depositing it in my bladder. Which is causing chronic infections. Very wise urologist figured part of this out (but not the cause) about 2 decades ago and told me to lay off the Tums. (this was back when the other docs are looking at the bone loss and going "calcium, calcium, calcium") Did some more reading, and learned from a book by Dr Christianne Northrup that Tums are not the form of calcium you want to take for this, because they make the blood too high in bicarbonate, instead, take calcium citrate. So tried taking the calcium citrate (besides dedicating myself to drinking water and becoming germ paranoid) and it worked to slow down the kidney/UTI infections. BUT when I went on a grainfree diet (trial, thinking I might have MS and had nothing to lose at this point) that is when the symptoms that had been plaguing me forever with the bladder/kidneys finally went away.

You can try to educate the docs about this, I have told several that going gluten free = no more chronic kidney/bladder infection problems and no more having to pee constantly, but I don't know if it's sinking in. Like hellooooo, if the villi lining the intestines are damaged by celiac/gluten intolerance, they can't digest dairy products, that is the first to go, so you end up with malnutrition and low calcium, so the other regulators in your body go on a shopping trip. If the thyroid is struggling because of other vitamin problems, it is not going to work properly either - SURELY they have seen these studies showing that celiac is associated with thyroid disease ?!

"because I take an oral contraceptive.... was told by the ob-gyn would not be able to feel the effects of menopause when it does happen"

Hah hah hah! What a bunch of hooey ! Where do they come up with this stuff ? I finally stopped taking the bc pills in the mid 1990's because they were not doing that.... plus the side effects and the doc was so nasty about it the last time I went, all they would do is switch brands, but no relief.... I swear I set some sort of record for the longest ever stretched out version.

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