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Seven Month Flare

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Hi, I think I’m experiencing a seven month flare but have some complications that I would appreciate some help with. I have ME, & I am celiac & severely salicylate sensitive. I eat chicken, beef, pork, canned fish, eggs & low salicylate vegetables. Fruit is still a problem due to yeast issues. When the flare started I took activated charcoal tablets but I have since found that the charcoal originates from coconut husks; which are extremely high in salicylates. The neurological systems are unbearable. Can anyone give advice how to get through this period & what to do if anything. I am also having chicken broth & doing the Epson salt baths – plus I’ve stopped the charcoal tablets. Thanks.

Hi Sue,

I too have celiac plus a high level of salicylate sensitivity. It can be rough at times. My best suggestion is to exercise if you can, take nattokinase and probiotics plus L-glutamine on an empty stomach to help calm down your villi etc. Then also make smoothies of iceburg lettuce, celery and parsley with a little water added. And drink lots of water.

I also do some late evening yoga and afterwards meditate, which helps calm me down a lot at night.

There may be some homeopathics that might work for this. I have yet to fully investigate that. Its possible nux vomica might work for digestive difficulties. But I have had good results neurologically using arnica montana and magnesia phos. to help me sleep at night. I have also started trying out hypericum perf. since its supposed to be good for nerve damage. Look up homeopathics, and figure out what might best fit your type. Benedryl in the clear caps also helps me a lot. The epsom salt baths are good too, as you mention.

I take the homeopathics in pill form. You can make your own less lactose-y homeopathics by just putting some of the pills or tablets in water and percussing the bottle 100 times. Should last 1 month in the fridge. You can find out the details on E-How. I am sure I needn't remind you that grain based alcohol homeopathics for folks like us are a bit like doing Russian Roulette...

I use spring water only or else tap water. Same deal, most all charcoal filters are made with coconut husks.

Do also be careful of what type of oil you use as well as shampoos, soaps etc.

Have you checked out the salicylate sites online?

Good Luck! And please let me know if any of these recommendations work for you.

Hope you feel better soon.


PS--the canned fish could be a problem. High in mercury plus whatever the tin is made of or lined with...

Diagnosed celiac sprue as infant: failure to thrive & pneumonia-back on grains age 4. Began herbs 1971 combating chronic kidney disease/general ill health 1973. Avoid wheat family and "allergens" by 1980. Late 80's doc. diagnosed candida: cave-man diet. Diagnosed degraded myelin sheath 2006; need co-enzyme B vitamins. Discovered celiac fall 2007; finally told diagnosis as infant. Recently found I am salicylic acid intolerant. Ironically can't tolerate most herbs now. Can now eat brown rice & other gluten-free grains (except corn) & even maple syrup & now homeopathic medicine works! Am still exploring the shape of this elephant but I've made progress!

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