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hello again.

When i eat i get these terrible cramps still and ive been gluten free for 9 months...of course i have slipped up once and awhile..easy to do... Anyways, i have been taking these Digest gold Enzymes after a meal.and it seems to help alittle.. I kept thinking about why they help me digest...Then i realized something..my intestines/villi have been damaged by gluten and its not easy for me to digest food without these Enzymes because they help break the food it down etc..So i tried something different and took them a half an hour before i ate on an empty stomach and guess what happened? it worked, no more cramps. I think by taking them before the food it gives my stomach a chance to digest the food and not work so hard. When before i was eating first and then later taking the Enzymes and it wasnt really doing its job, because my intestines were working hard to digest and it was cramping up... I am so happy now...



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Glad this is working for you. I had to take them myself when my pancreas took a whap from a bad drug reaction and that is what I did. Hopefully soon you will be healed and won't need them any longer but for now they it sounds like they are doing what you need them to.

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