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Best Digestive Enzyme?

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Yes, I find that digestive enzymes do help, with a few things too. Not just better digestion of food in general, increasing nutrient absorption, but also stuff like that "balloon belly" so many of us seem to get. Others who are dealing with frequent gas may also find digestive enzymes helpful in that regard.

However, you do need to be careful to select a safe product. Many digestive aids have maltase (may be listed with alternate names), derived from barley. In reading up on it, I found that the best enzymes are the ones derived from microbial sources, because they can withstand the acidity of the stomach, thereby make it to the intestines intact, and can therefor do their job. Two products I found which have worked well for me are Digest Platinum from NOW Foods, and one from Doctor's Best, which appears to be the only kind they make. There are a few other products out there which may also work, though I've not tried them.


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