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We had the biopsy on Monday, it went well. the surgeon saw "patchy moderate erythematous mucosa without active bleeding in the duodenal bulb" He said it was highly suggestive of celiac, or as the report said "high likelihood of duodenitis."

He gave us a copy of the endoscopy report to take home, it had photos on it (which I will post if I can figure out how to do upload them) of the duodenal bulb, you could see the red patchy spots in that area, the duodenum beyond that looked normal, he biopsied that also.

Just had a phone call from the clinic and he has celiac, it was Marsh 3a.I have asked her to fax me the report so that I can see the details. They are also going to fax me an order for his brother to have celiac bloods checked, that will save me a trip to the pediatrician at least.

Very pleased with the care we received, thankfully very different to the debacle I had to endure.

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Now at least you can keep your son healthy....always good to have answers. Best of luck with your son's new diet. :)

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